Saturday, 2 April 2011

Woman is addicted to eating sofas

Mother-of-five Adele Edwards, from Florida, is addicted to another kind of snack - the suite kind, which most people normally just sit on to eat their dinner.

Ms Edwards apparently loves chomping on household items - such as elastic bands and rubbers.
However, her biggest weakness is snacking on the polyester stuffing in her sofa.
Doctors have warned the 30-year-old mum that her addiction could kill her, but she just can't stop herself.
They said Ms Edwards has a disorder called Pica, where sufferers often eat inedible items.

At first, I thought it was strange but, after sucking it for a while, I came to like the texture.'
The mum said from that point on, she began eating cushions quite regularly and would frequently swallow chunks 'as though it was candy floss'.
'It sounds strange but, to me, foam tasted like sweets.'

A woman with a clear diminished mental capacity
And to be honest, her Mother is worse, for not even stopping her from eating it? No sympathy -.-


  1. Keep up this great blogging! :D

  2. Uhhh, is this a joke?! This sounds like something you would see on TLC's addicted

  3. This is just wrong. Cushions? Seriously? Like candy floss? Come on...

    Anyhow, lovely blog brother. See you around!

  4. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  5. Holy crap that's weird. Imagine how bad her insides are getting...