Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 4

(I'll keep this brief, as I'm not sure when the 3G will start being a newb :P)

So, Today I spent a few hours at the second National Railway Museum inside the U.K.
I've been to the other one in York and that one was brilliant. This one just doesn't have the funding to maintain it I think, which is a shame..

This place called Shildon, was shut down in 1984 but was the epicenter of Locomotion trains.
  The only reason it shut down was because of the mines, so there was little need apart for transport for this area to be running rail-way tracks. So they used others, and built others in needed places.
The history in all of the places I'm visiting is really clear and shockingly different to how things are handled nowa' days.


  1. Great post, keep up the great work with the blog. I'll be sure to return!!

  2. Really too bad. Maybe something awesome will replace it.