Thursday, 7 April 2011

Something I just couldn’t help but to screen-shot. 
    I found this whilst drinking my morning coffee on Facebook
As a result: The coffee was spat all over the computer screen.

News flash love… “spell” should have been “spell it”
....and the Al Qaeda (or Al Qa’ida) would not have gotten anywhere near taking over the world, if the British Army weren’t there. The whole reason they came into existance in 1998 was because Saddam Husein was pissed at us since the 1991 Gulf War. Britain had been ordering random air-strikes throughout the 90s. They were at first fighting for their government, and did not want it to be changed from a Dictatorship.  (There is a new religious reason as to why they continue to attack, but I’m not going to go into that…) 
I just think, especially on Facebook when you're commenting directly, you should atleast not mock someone, unless you know the entire story, (I.e facts.)

Grr small minded, naive idiot :)

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