Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day 2 (Killhope) - Mini-Holiday

Hey there!
    I'm sorry I was unable to post yesterday night when I arrived back at the farm.. the internet.. well...
if It's ever possible; it broke.

Down to yesterday for me.. well just Tuesday :) I decided to drive out further to the middle of no-where, where there was no signal. Which depressed me a little ^^
I went to an old mine from the 20th Century... Led mining was active for about 80 years, but this one was active for about 20 but it was still quite a shock.
  You see all the pictures at home of these places, and hear how hard it was for them.. but to see it..

This place called KillHope, had a tour guide which took us into this mine. It was nearly 2 miles deep but we only went in the first level. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures in there; as I didn't want to drop the camera into 1ft of water :|
   But a miner from 1845 had engraved his initials and the date into a bit of stone down the mine. Which really symbolised the life's work which went into this place.

(I learnt that Led mines dig virtically.)
Basically they dig inwards to a mountain of sorts, in search of Led veins through rock. Then they follow them till they hit a Led wall, and mine it.
    I could continue writing about how bad the conditions were, but you can pretty much guess..

Rather origionally the place just had a Water Wheel, but for the sake of tourism they added a welcome centre to make money :)

The Beautiful KillHope Wheel ^^

Some trees I found :D


  1. lovely photos those trees are fine :)

  2. This looks like a good place to visit- thanks for sharing!

  3. Great photos, will check back for more!