Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 1 (Arriving) - My Mini-Holiday

Hey guys/gals, I said a few days ago I would be going on holiday. Well, I'm here!!
 (Well when I say holiday, I literally mean moving a bit further up the country for about a week.)

Today as the title suggests was basically getting to this place...
  I had no idea where I would be staying till i got there. (Usually I'm a bit skeptical, as anywhere I tend to go on holiday; the accommodation turns out shit.)

After a 4 hour car trip and a brief (red bull) break inbetween I arrived at a farm.. obviously instant thoughts were grim. I imagined cows attacking me and images of the film 'Black Sheep' filled my mind. (If you've not seen it, check out the trailer on twit-face-tube)
Upon arrival, the two most pleasant positively social people I have ever met greeted me.(The owners of the farm) It already feels like a home from home...

So as I got chatting to the "famorz" they told me about their farm, how it was a live stock farm and that the sheep were ; "Lambing." I only just realised what they meant, so later this week I shall be watching lambs being born, a first experience of that type for me :)

The man took me around his farm, and to be honest bless him, he seemed quite lonely.. as if he had no one else to share his life's work with and all of his collections... He showed me his model railway which runs round the whole outside of his house, and then the inside smaller railway..
All of the trains he built himself, all of the track he has built himself! 
Throughout this guided tour through his workshop and the stories of his life he was telling me, I couldn't help compare my life to his. My busy rushing computer busting life, to his quite traditional life.
He announced to me it was only last month his son bought him an his wife their first computer! He seemed completely dazed about the experience :P

Anyway ^^
 I have been taking various amounts of photography and just random pictures so I will post some up when I get the chance. The picture of the sheep I took above, was of the sheep that I now call Jimmy :)
So I feel it is only right if we all treat him with respect ;)

I shall be posting more things up of what I'm up to each day, no spoilers! You will see it as it comes :)
This is one of his hand built diesel engined big toys :)


  1. lol HI ill be following you now

  2. wow that is the biggest toy train i have seen

  3. i wish i was a farmer sometimes, like now