Thursday, 16 June 2011


Yes it has been a while sorry :(
Truth is I forgot about this!

I don't have much time to right this right, so here's little updates to things :D

- A publishing agent got in contact from no where, asked me to write a new book aswell as improve the old one, so SCORE!!
- I've been prepping plans to help others, which i mentioned in a previous post. But unfortunately this and exams (WHICH ARE NOW DONE!!! :D) got in the way :(
- I ended up going on mini holidays every few days which was fun :D

But anyway hope to start writing properly again soon!
If I'm allowed I shall post sections of book :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Things to do, before you die.

I mentioned in the last blog I was going to get a project going.
One of my friends has began with this very successfully in the past..
But i would like to start this for experience of myself and to inspire others.

The project is entirely what is says in the title..
I'm going to make a list, and get others to contribute too it too. (If you have ideas of things to add, don't hesitate.)

The whole entire point of this is to raise and make money to give to charity and more than anything, inspire others to live and experience life to it's fullest.

The charity.
It's been hard choosing a charity, for the reason that i would like to honestly give to every charity. It's been hard narrowing down the charities that aid the areas of people I would love to support. There is personal reason for this I will share in the future.
I will soon post up the charities I'm going to support, or you will see it in a video somewhere.. (This will be a video series.)

I would like to thank ahead for any support you would give to me and the charities I'm going to support.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Project

So I've been obviously busy with exams and planning the holidays out...

Sadly though it is coming up for the date and 1 year anniversary's death of my bestfriend Sammi..
She inspired me through a lot in life. And is the reason i made it as strong as i did.

I'm going to be talking about the rest of this later.. because she died within the unfortunate high percent of the country, who die in 'those' incidents.
I will continue with the project I shall undertake as well.

Keep an eye out as to when I will next post with the remainder of the story.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Quick Update

Just to let you know, I'm not lost on the internet and it's not that I can't find my login.
I've just been busy..
I didn't want to mention that I had exams, because I'd like you to believe you're more important. I loveyou, but you're not. :(

I've also been correcting and mixing music and fixing some peoples PC's and so on :)
I'll probably post a bit of music in a bit just to keep your occuPIEd.

Thankyou for sticking around,

Sunday, 8 May 2011

B(I)-Polar Blog

I would like to tell you guys about another blog I recently set up on this account.

This blog will likely be updated more than this one, but I'll try keep it around the same.

For anyone that's interested in this other blog which is about my mental condition/disorder. The link is the above.

It will mainly be just my daily struggling un-chronological commute, but it has been strongly advised I tell people or write down the thoughts I have. Which are the ones I normally do not share. Over there I'm going to attempt to show the side of me you "guys" don't know about or have not yet read/witnessed.

I would like it if you could go over there an follow to sensefully assure myself, that I'm infact, not talking to myself through a couple hundred web servers...

Hope to see you guys around soon!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Google Street View & Earth privacy? Sure.

A few have asked for a new post. I'll be pretentious and say: I was spending a lot of time on a new blog post, which I wasn't. I was awake for quite a long time re-doing all of my music-tech coursework. (Thumbs down)
-If you would like to hear any of it here, let me know and I'll post it up!

- But in the meantime, here's a explanatory rant I feel needed to be said;

Google Earth and Street by SamuelSwallow

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

You're bored are you?

Something I would just like to mention, and wondered what your thoughts were on the matter..

Constantly some of my friends and others say to me, that they are bored.
Simplifying it down, they just can't think of much to do. Which completely irritates me. They are either sat at a computer and /or are somewhere else. But yet still it's life.

Now if they are sat at the computer. I always point there moronic ways out, and that they are sat at a computer. The potential can't be explained or described in a sentence. They billions of pages in amount to information / games / movies anything you want to do in entertainment or more!

I also point out, if you have free time, spend it on learning something. Don't be unconstructive. You will only have yourself to blame later. (But yet they still tend to moan afterwards that they got nothing done.)
Althought obviously you need breaks between stuff, so instead of being "bored" relax, or observe life and it's surroundings you have.

Life, is brilliant.