Sunday, 17 April 2011

The hell hole of Tourism - Beamish Museum

Well, what a day it was.

      Even though I would quite happily go again, I WILL NOT go when it's tourism season.
   I'm going to comment on the place first and then in another post, complain about the fucking tourists.

The reason I went this weekend was because The Great North Steam Ralley arrived their and drove about the streets. But still, it was busy.
  *For anyone that doesn't know, Beamish Open Air Museum is basically a recreation of a working town in the early 1900's*

There is so much to see and do at this massive town.. A clear amount of determination and effort went into building it. Just minor details really make it feel like you're there.

  Here is a picture of one part of the village/town part.
So far that I can remember, there was; A mine, a train station, a working town complete with pretty much every shop. A living village, a farm complete with animals and there is much more!   This is a place you have to spend a few days at to see everything. Nicely though with any ticket you buy it grants you access for the rest of the year to this place.

      Do a Google search for it, or a Youtube search and find out more about it. It is wonderful :)

I will post later on about all the things that annoyed me. I thought about them,
  and some are just fucking mental -.-

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  1. i try to do my vacation stuff in the fall or spring. summer is just too crowded everywhere, plus with summer there's just too much to do to be able to take a break.