Tuesday, 26 April 2011

You're bored are you?

Something I would just like to mention, and wondered what your thoughts were on the matter..

Constantly some of my friends and others say to me, that they are bored.
Simplifying it down, they just can't think of much to do. Which completely irritates me. They are either sat at a computer and /or are somewhere else. But yet still it's life.

Now if they are sat at the computer. I always point there moronic ways out, and that they are sat at a computer. The potential can't be explained or described in a sentence. They billions of pages in amount to information / games / movies anything you want to do in entertainment or more!

I also point out, if you have free time, spend it on learning something. Don't be unconstructive. You will only have yourself to blame later. (But yet they still tend to moan afterwards that they got nothing done.)
Althought obviously you need breaks between stuff, so instead of being "bored" relax, or observe life and it's surroundings you have.

Life, is brilliant.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Keeping it Creativé

So to keep things a bit more interesting and to mix around some media; I'm going to post little 2-4 minute comedy ramblings/stories/day to day anecdotes of my life :)
I'll post one of those soon...
   Just to let you know for now though, I am home and back from holiday :D

(Aswell as posting mini-podcasts in future I will upload bits of my music that I'm putting together too)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The hell hole of Tourism - Beamish Museum

Well, what a day it was.

      Even though I would quite happily go again, I WILL NOT go when it's tourism season.
   I'm going to comment on the place first and then in another post, complain about the fucking tourists.

The reason I went this weekend was because The Great North Steam Ralley arrived their and drove about the streets. But still, it was busy.
  *For anyone that doesn't know, Beamish Open Air Museum is basically a recreation of a working town in the early 1900's*

There is so much to see and do at this massive town.. A clear amount of determination and effort went into building it. Just minor details really make it feel like you're there.

  Here is a picture of one part of the village/town part.
So far that I can remember, there was; A mine, a train station, a working town complete with pretty much every shop. A living village, a farm complete with animals and there is much more!   This is a place you have to spend a few days at to see everything. Nicely though with any ticket you buy it grants you access for the rest of the year to this place.

      Do a Google search for it, or a Youtube search and find out more about it. It is wonderful :)

I will post later on about all the things that annoyed me. I thought about them,
  and some are just fucking mental -.-

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 4

(I'll keep this brief, as I'm not sure when the 3G will start being a newb :P)

So, Today I spent a few hours at the second National Railway Museum inside the U.K.
I've been to the other one in York and that one was brilliant. This one just doesn't have the funding to maintain it I think, which is a shame..

This place called Shildon, was shut down in 1984 but was the epicenter of Locomotion trains.
  The only reason it shut down was because of the mines, so there was little need apart for transport for this area to be running rail-way tracks. So they used others, and built others in needed places.
The history in all of the places I'm visiting is really clear and shockingly different to how things are handled nowa' days.

Day 3

Sorry again about not being able to post, the Internet doesn't seem to like me so much :/
  So much that I cannot even comment on other peoples awesome blogs!
It's really really frustrating so sorry about that. But when I'm back at the end of the week I will be able to!

Yesterday I had another freak out day and went to a WW1, WW2 and Afghanistan museum.
It is really interesting stuff!

Shortly after I got back to the farm, i drove a train around :P

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day 2 (Killhope) - Mini-Holiday

Hey there!
    I'm sorry I was unable to post yesterday night when I arrived back at the farm.. the internet.. well...
if It's ever possible; it broke.

Down to yesterday for me.. well just Tuesday :) I decided to drive out further to the middle of no-where, where there was no signal. Which depressed me a little ^^
I went to an old mine from the 20th Century... Led mining was active for about 80 years, but this one was active for about 20 but it was still quite a shock.
  You see all the pictures at home of these places, and hear how hard it was for them.. but to see it..

This place called KillHope, had a tour guide which took us into this mine. It was nearly 2 miles deep but we only went in the first level. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures in there; as I didn't want to drop the camera into 1ft of water :|
   But a miner from 1845 had engraved his initials and the date into a bit of stone down the mine. Which really symbolised the life's work which went into this place.

(I learnt that Led mines dig virtically.)
Basically they dig inwards to a mountain of sorts, in search of Led veins through rock. Then they follow them till they hit a Led wall, and mine it.
    I could continue writing about how bad the conditions were, but you can pretty much guess..

Rather origionally the place just had a Water Wheel, but for the sake of tourism they added a welcome centre to make money :)

The Beautiful KillHope Wheel ^^

Some trees I found :D

Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 1 (Arriving) - My Mini-Holiday

Hey guys/gals, I said a few days ago I would be going on holiday. Well, I'm here!!
 (Well when I say holiday, I literally mean moving a bit further up the country for about a week.)

Today as the title suggests was basically getting to this place...
  I had no idea where I would be staying till i got there. (Usually I'm a bit skeptical, as anywhere I tend to go on holiday; the accommodation turns out shit.)

After a 4 hour car trip and a brief (red bull) break inbetween I arrived at a farm.. obviously instant thoughts were grim. I imagined cows attacking me and images of the film 'Black Sheep' filled my mind. (If you've not seen it, check out the trailer on twit-face-tube)
Upon arrival, the two most pleasant positively social people I have ever met greeted me.(The owners of the farm) It already feels like a home from home...

So as I got chatting to the "famorz" they told me about their farm, how it was a live stock farm and that the sheep were ; "Lambing." I only just realised what they meant, so later this week I shall be watching lambs being born, a first experience of that type for me :)

The man took me around his farm, and to be honest bless him, he seemed quite lonely.. as if he had no one else to share his life's work with and all of his collections... He showed me his model railway which runs round the whole outside of his house, and then the inside smaller railway..
All of the trains he built himself, all of the track he has built himself! 
Throughout this guided tour through his workshop and the stories of his life he was telling me, I couldn't help compare my life to his. My busy rushing computer busting life, to his quite traditional life.
He announced to me it was only last month his son bought him an his wife their first computer! He seemed completely dazed about the experience :P

Anyway ^^
 I have been taking various amounts of photography and just random pictures so I will post some up when I get the chance. The picture of the sheep I took above, was of the sheep that I now call Jimmy :)
So I feel it is only right if we all treat him with respect ;)

I shall be posting more things up of what I'm up to each day, no spoilers! You will see it as it comes :)
This is one of his hand built diesel engined big toys :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Random Demo

Since I feel obligated to post something everyday for you amazing people ^^ .. here is what my room looked like 24hours ago, in some vague rush to work on mixing music with fresh buzzing ideas in my head... 

Friday, 8 April 2011


As I scroll through the many intelligent people I follow. (Flattery.) I feel as though I should post so much more, not just in amounts of post, but in detail.

I'm not quite so used to doing it, as my previous blog (on Tumblr..) ....Well, I will simply say people don't read posts on there longer than 2-lines. Whereas on here, people are far more.. mature. I love it.
People post detailed stories, to long well thought out arguments or reviews and a whole lot more. (Obviously.)

As of next week I'm going to be on holiday for about a week, but I will have a 3G network connection. So, in my best intention I will post daily, with pictures, what I've been up to :)

Till then, I will post more thoughts and musings, and I hope to post up some of the novel I'm re-drafting.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Something I just couldn’t help but to screen-shot. 
    I found this whilst drinking my morning coffee on Facebook
As a result: The coffee was spat all over the computer screen.

News flash love… “spell” should have been “spell it”
....and the Al Qaeda (or Al Qa’ida) would not have gotten anywhere near taking over the world, if the British Army weren’t there. The whole reason they came into existance in 1998 was because Saddam Husein was pissed at us since the 1991 Gulf War. Britain had been ordering random air-strikes throughout the 90s. They were at first fighting for their government, and did not want it to be changed from a Dictatorship.  (There is a new religious reason as to why they continue to attack, but I’m not going to go into that…) 
I just think, especially on Facebook when you're commenting directly, you should atleast not mock someone, unless you know the entire story, (I.e facts.)

Grr small minded, naive idiot :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

Why do people look up when they are thinking?

Obviously I've seen people doing it before now, I just didn't take note down to write it here..

'Just thought it a bit weird, where people look up..
                                             It's as if they're in a cartoon and they are looking into their brain/head..
Anyone noticed?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Woman is addicted to eating sofas

Mother-of-five Adele Edwards, from Florida, is addicted to another kind of snack - the suite kind, which most people normally just sit on to eat their dinner.

Ms Edwards apparently loves chomping on household items - such as elastic bands and rubbers.
However, her biggest weakness is snacking on the polyester stuffing in her sofa.
Doctors have warned the 30-year-old mum that her addiction could kill her, but she just can't stop herself.
They said Ms Edwards has a disorder called Pica, where sufferers often eat inedible items.

At first, I thought it was strange but, after sucking it for a while, I came to like the texture.'
The mum said from that point on, she began eating cushions quite regularly and would frequently swallow chunks 'as though it was candy floss'.
'It sounds strange but, to me, foam tasted like sweets.'

A woman with a clear diminished mental capacity
And to be honest, her Mother is worse, for not even stopping her from eating it? No sympathy -.-

Friday, 1 April 2011


So the cheery person I am; I speak to the checkout person at the shopping centre as I was buying a card for someone…
Me - “How are you!? :D”
Checkout - “I’m sorry I don’t speak English, I’m french.”
Checkout - “£2.44”
It re-affirmed my thoughts that some, if not most, that come to the country only get asked (by my retarded country) if:
1. They can work a till
2. Can count money
3. Can Say “Hello” “Goodbye” and “That’s ….” 
4. Can announce their native country.
Anyone that doesn’t live in the U.K…. that just about sums it up.

In Creation

I, me (obviously the person writing this) have basically decided to find a more "epic" place to blog.
On top of other social networks or 'status updating' sites I use,I tend to post simply what is on my mind...
 I decided to choose this one to start writing my deep creational, or thoughts processes here.

I simply cannot list the different things I may post, because that could change.
Besides that, Enjoy :)