Monday, 30 May 2011

Things to do, before you die.

I mentioned in the last blog I was going to get a project going.
One of my friends has began with this very successfully in the past..
But i would like to start this for experience of myself and to inspire others.

The project is entirely what is says in the title..
I'm going to make a list, and get others to contribute too it too. (If you have ideas of things to add, don't hesitate.)

The whole entire point of this is to raise and make money to give to charity and more than anything, inspire others to live and experience life to it's fullest.

The charity.
It's been hard choosing a charity, for the reason that i would like to honestly give to every charity. It's been hard narrowing down the charities that aid the areas of people I would love to support. There is personal reason for this I will share in the future.
I will soon post up the charities I'm going to support, or you will see it in a video somewhere.. (This will be a video series.)

I would like to thank ahead for any support you would give to me and the charities I'm going to support.